Living with the traumas

Ever sense this whole event with my son being molested I hit the last straw and came close to a break down. I live with depression panic attacks and other disorders the list goes on. Don’t let this happen to you. A few pointers on possible sex offenders. Aka child molester’s. They love to gamble. They like to have crazy fantasies of sex. They are pack rats they buy in bulk. And there always inserting them selves in your problems making you think the helping when really there finding loop holes to be with you kids alone. Do not let this happen to you. My opinion check everyone to see what and if they are on the registry. 99.9 percent of the time it’s someone you know that gets your child. David hays Kone who lives in Connecticut is a prime example of the manipulation he does to get what he wants. He cares for no one except himself and getting his rocks off. Famous quote by him. ” I can’t think sperm is backed up in my brain”. I use to think it was funny. I never realized what the true meaning of that statement meant. Now I do. Watch out for comments crazy like that or some sex comment that could be funny there’s a deeper meaning for them.



I have been waiting for my son to get justice sense 2010 soon it will be 2013. The trial is set to 2020. I ask my self. How is this possible? This man has another court case going. He hurt yet another child. I wonder two things. 1 how long will this one take? 2 how is possible after hurting two children and two court cases going is he still free? I’m constantly harassed and he has paid people to try and make me crash. I have no proof but I have friends who he tried to go after also. The police know everything where I live. But yet he still goes free. Does any one else think this is nuts?